Trash  Collection   

Our Day is Thursday at the curb by 6:00 AM (or the following day if the week has a Federal holiday). 

State and Federal laws limits the types of waste you may include in your garbage.

Each household is limited to 5 properly prepared trash cans or clear bags of garbage per week.

These are YES!                                                                    Trash cans up to 32 gallons that weigh up to 45 pounds when full.
Clear plastic bags that weigh up to 30 pounds when full.
Up to 5 containers of garbage per week (example 2 trash cans and 3 bags)
Place within 5 feet of curb, approved alley or other approved location.

These are NO!!                                                                       

NO  Mixture of garbage and yard waste
NO  Rocks, dirt, and concrete.
NO  Dead animals
NO  Liquids
NO  Loose pet waste or cat litter
NO  Tires, engines or other large auto parts
NO  Bulky items (couches, chairs, stoves, etc.)
NO  Dark plastic bags that you can't see through.
NO  Motor oil and automotive batteries.
NO  Cardboard boxes (empty or full).
NO  Items outside a can or clear bag.

Yard Waste

No limit to the amount of properly prepared yardwaste
Place yard waste within 5 feet of your curb and leave 2 feet of space
between yard waste and garbage containers. 

These are YES!: 
Grass clippings and leaves
Garden waste such as fallen apples, rotted or excess vegetables and fruit.
Trash cans up to 32 gallons and weighing up to 45 pounds marked with a YW on both sides.
Special yardwaste paper bags weighing up to 40 pounds.
Unlimited number of properly prepared marked cans, paper bags, ro brush bundles.
Bundles of branches and brush tied with string or twine.  Bundles may weigh up to 30 pounds.
Branches may be up to 2 inches in diameter and 4 feed in length.

These are NO!
NO  Plastic bags used in yardwaste collection.
NO  Mixtures of yardwaste and garbage.
NO  Saw dust, lumber or treated lumber/wood.
NO  Litter, trash or garbage.
NO  Whole cans of dirt of sod.
NO  Street sweeping sand, litter or rocks.
NO  Cardboard boxes of yard waste.
NO  Pet waste or kitty litter
NO  Branches over 2 inches in diameter
NO  Branches over 4 feet long.
NO  Plastic twine, nylon twine or wire used to bundles brush or branches.
NO  Rope of any kind.
NO  Unbundled brush.


Place recyclables in your green bin.

Yes  Clean paper
Place in a paper sack or small cardboard box - do not use plastic bags!
Clean paper includes magazines, newspaper, detergent boxes, paperback books,
catalogues, cereal boxes, greeting cards, school paper, phonebooks, junkmail,
wrapping paper, paper egg cartons.
Place sack or box either inside bin, on top of bin, or next to your bin with opening
facing away from wind.

Yes  Corrugated cardboard
Break down flat and place under bin.  For lots of boxes, fold and stuff multiple
boxes into one box.  Place under the recycling bin.

NO!  Do not include: 
No soiled paper or these non-recyclable items:  pizza boxes, milk cartons,
styrofoam, juice boxes, tissue paper, hardbound books, rubber bands,
paper plates, plastic bags. 

Yes  Aluminum cans & steel (tin) cans
Empty aerosol cans, empty and dry paint cans.  Please don't flatten aluminum cans. 
Tip:  Place end of food cans inside can and crimp closed.

Yes  Plastic bottles
Bottles marked PETE, including:  Bottles that held pop, cooking oil, mouthwash,
shampoo, or cleaners. 
Plastic bottles markded HDPE, including those that held milk,
juice, cleaners, or other food items.  Make room in your bin by flattening plastic

NO!  Don't recycle these plastic items, no matter what: 
Frozen food trays, plastic cups, toys, cookie trays, motor oil bottles, lawn chemical
bottles, or hazardous chemical bottles.

NO!  Glass bottles or jars
(Glass may be taken to drop-off sites or placed in garbage.)

NO!  Lids of any kind.  Throw  lids in the garbage.